Farma forte

Preparation stabilizing the functons of digestive system

FARMA FORTE reduces the risk of digestive disorders with symptoms of diarrhea. The preparation has constrictive properties for digestive system, it creates complexes with toxins supporting them removal. Forte Farm creates a delicate and insoluble layer, which protects the mucosa and limits the penetration of water into the intestines. Recommended for animals during weaning, regrouping, transport and changes in nutrition. The yeast contained in the preparation has an effect probiotic and stabilizing fermentation processes. FARMA FORTE normalizes digestive system work and supports digestive functions, which is extremely important during periods of increased risk of occurrence diarrhea.

How to use: Cows: 50-200g/animal/day. Not more than 0,2g/kg b.w
Calves: 1-5 kg/ tone of feed. Not more than 0,15g/kg b.w
Pigs: 2,5-4 kg/tone of feed. Not more than 0,15g/kg b.w
Poultry: for 5-7 days with feed amount 0,02-0,08 g/bird or 0,2-1-5 kg/tone of fodder. For 5-7 days with water: 4-6 grams/ 10 liters of water.
Rabbits: from 3-5 week of lactation to 2nd week after weaning 25-80 kg/tone of feed.

Presentation: 100g, 1kg