Mineral preparation facilitating the fertility of sows and boars

OVULIK is a preparation preventing fertility disorders caused by lack of minerals. Special composition of minerals and their high bioavailability, resulting from the use of chelate forms, has a good influence on increasing procreation indicators. Thanks to the use of Ovulik, signs of oestrus are more visible, thanks that the effectiveness of insemination increases. Using the preparation supports ovulation and develops higher embryo survival which results in more numerous litter, it also increases the level of libido in boars and contributes to a proper sperm production process.

How to use: Administer 2 tablets twice a day during feeding for 5 days in a row before planned mating or sperm collection. In case of serious problems administer for extra 10 days.

Presentation: 100g (20tabl.), 2kg (420tabl.)