Digestive disorders


Preparation stabilizng water-electrolyte balance

PECTOPRO is an innovative preparation for calves with digestive disorders manifested by diarrhea. Included in the preparation electrolytes stabilize water and electrolyte balance, reducing the risk dehydration. The pectin creates covering layer on the intestine, which slows down peristaltic movements and supports the regeneration of damaged intestinal villi. Carefully selected mineral and vitamin components are essential for maintaining the physiological functions of the body and the immune system. The probiotic and whey contained in the preparation stabilize the rumen microflora, thus facilitating the return to full strength. PectoPRO smells good and it is very tasty thanks to this it is readily picked up by weakened calves. Thanks to easily digestible food ingredients, it restores homeostasis keeping the animal in good condition.

How to use: In order to prevent the occurrence of gastrointestinal disorders, during convalescence and after antibiotic therapy, mix 100g of the preparation in 2 liters of warm (38-40 oC) water or milk and administer 2 times a day. Prophylactically administer 25g of preparation with warm water or milk. Recommended duration of use: 1 – 7 days (1-3 days if it is the only source of feeding of the animal). Store in a dry, cool and shady place, do not thaw.

Presentation: 100g, 1kg