Toxisorb plus

Mineral preparaion absorbing mycotoxins

TOXISORB plus is a mineral preparation with the ability to absorb toxins. It binds mycotoxins and endotoxins from feed preventing their absorption and accumulation in the organism. Due to the contents of tannins of chestnut preparation has constrictive properties, it also seals blood vessels reducing the probability of digestive disorders. TOXISORB plus reduces penetration of toxins from fodder to the organism, simultaneously it does not inhibit the absorption of vitamins and nutrients.”

How to use: Recommended dosage of preparation is relied according to breed and level of contamination of fodder. Dosage for 1 tone of fodder:
• Calves (after 3rd week of life): 2,5 kg
• Piglets (from 4th day of life): 5kg
• Pigs: 3kg
• Cows: 1,5kg
• Broilers: 2,5-3kg
• Laying hens: 3-5kg

Presentation: 1,5kg, 5kg, 20kg