Digestive disorders

Tympanic Vet

Complementary feed reducing tympany.

The product is intended for cows with increased fermentation in the rumen. Herbal ingredients, contained in the preparation, allow to calm down the fermentation process, whereas vegetable oils reduce the surface tension of gas bubbles. Therefore, they are easier to remove from the content of the rumen. The released gas escapes during bloating or probing. The food contained in the rumen diminishes volume. The preparation does not harm the rumen epithelium and for microflora. TYMPANIC VET is completely safe for animals.

How to use: Intended for direct oral administration. Product works best in combination with the probing procedure. Dosage for cows is 500 ml, for sheep and goats 100 ml. The product may not be stored unsealed for more than 12 hours! To enhance the effect, you can administer the product RUMEN vet after 30 minutes.

Presentation: 500g