Perinatal period

VIPover drink

Energetic pospartum drink

VIPOVER drink is used for cows to accelerate their regeneration after calving and to stimulate their metabolism. The preparation restores the hydro-electrolitic balance and compensates for the energy lost during delivery. VIPOVER drink supplies calcium and many other mineral components and vitamins. Therefore the risk of parturient paresis is reduced. The product prevents retention of placenta while yeast works as a probiotic on rumen microorganisms and stabilize the fermentation process. VIPOVER drink also strengthens the immune system and inhibits mastitis and metritis. The product is highly palatable, which results in cows drinking it eagerly. What is more, it reduces the risk of abomasum displacement.

How to use: Mix 1 kg of VIPover drink in 20 liters of warm water. Administer to the cow directly after calving.

Presentation: 1kg